Pathways Reopening Plan

Details about the new procedures we are putting into place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

June 2, 2020



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While we continue to try to live with COVID-19 and the disruption in our programs, we want to plan for how we can reopen Pathways safely for our students. Pro Deo Foundation and Coastland will monitor and adhere to the safety and social distancing guidelines from the CDC, State of California, and local municipalities, which includes but is not limited to the following specific practices: 

New Procedures:

The following procedures will be put in place for students, staff, and facility care to create as safe an environment as possible and to minimize potential exposure of the coronavirus for students and staff to reengage and continue the Pathways program. These procedures help keep us in compliance with the State, County, and City.

For Students:


  • Limit number of students who can participate in closed spaces at any given time
  • Handwashing students will immediately wash hands at the handwashing sink upon entry
  • Temperature Check-students and foundation staff will have their temperatures checked upon entry     
  • Health Check-daily check on family/contacts who have been ill (limit participation to those who have not been in contact with sick family or friends)
  • Face Coverings- Facemasks or face coverings will be worn by students at all times except for eating and drinking·     
  • Gloves will be worn during product production·     
  • Frequent Handwashing- following CDC guidelines, students will wash their hands before and after eating, after sneezing, coughing, or blowing their nose·     
  • Social Distancing- enact social distancing as much as possible-set up students to work at tables that are six feet apart.·     
  • Waivers- students will receive a waiver outlining our protocols which will be signed by a parent or guardian. This can be done online using the form below.

For the Facility:


  • Hand sanitizing stations- we will have hand sanitizer available in the students’ work area for them to use between hand washing.·     
  • Work outside when possible-We will utilize the side yard for programming as much as possible.·     
  • Work and program areas- program areas will be cleaned and disinfected before and after use. This also applies to any high touch areas.·     
  • Facility cleaning-The entire facility will be routinely cleaned in accordance with current guidelines.
  • Waivers- students will receive a waiver outlining our protocols which will be signed by a parent or guardian. This can be done online using the form below.

For Staff:

  • Briefing- Staff and volunteers will be briefed and trained on all safety protocols·     
  • Face Coverings-Staff will practice same face covering protocols as students·     
  • Handwashing- Staff will practice same handwashing protocols as students·     
  • Food Service- Staff will prepare and serve food to students, there will be no buffet style or communal utensils or condiments.
  • Reporting and communication- The executive director will alert parents and students of any possible known coronavirus exposure. We will also communicate with local health department any known positive cases.


Once you hit submit, we will send you a link to fill out our online waiver for participation. We know that this is all new and maybe feels like overkill, so know that we will be patient as we work to get everyone back into the shop and program who wants to.

We can't wait!